Published On : Sat, Feb 1st, 2020

Budget 2020: What’s more expensive, what’s cheaper

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday announced increasing customs duty on imported footwear and furniture.

In her second Budget presentation, the finance minister also imposed health cess on import of medical equipment.

Following is a list of items that will become costlier:

>> Footwear

>> Imported wood and metal furniture

>> Electrical appliances

>> Stationery

>> Imported Toys

>> Imported electric vehicles

>> Imported mobile phones

>> Imported household items

>> Cigarettes

>> Imported Ghee/Butter/Oil/Cheese

>> Imported walnuts

>> Wall fans

>> Skimmed milk

>> Chewing gum, dietary soya fibre, isolated soya protein

>> Combs, hairpins, curling pins, curling grips, hair curlers

>> Food grinders, ovens, cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters

>> Coffee and tea makers and toasters

>> Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, rough coloured gemstones

Following is the list of items that will become cheaper:

>> Certain Imported Military Equipment

>> Some India Made Mobile Components

>> Newsprint

>> Textiles, yarns and fibres