Published On : Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

Brewing Glory: Specialty Coffee movement with India’s 1st Aeropress Champ & Q-Grader!


Nagpur Today.

It’s fun learning from the right source and even more when the person introducing the topic to you is the first to represent the country at the world championships in the field!

Kickstarting the Diwali festivity with a spark of learning, some 20 coffee loving Tablers, matched the enthusiasm of the ‘Specialty coffee’ movement, started by Mithilesh Vazalwar, that has been brewing across cities.

Mithilesh Vazalwar is a Professional Coffee Roaster, a Certified Coffee Cupper, Trainer, a consultant to Cafes and Roasters. More importantly, he is a Qualified Coffee Quality Grader; one of the 20-odd in India, the first Indian to take the exams in Australia and the first and only Coffee Q-Grader in Central India.

He is also the First Indian Aeropress Champion and will be representing the country at the World Aeropress championship, in Seoul, South Korea, this November! Brewers from over 50 nations will be competing in this Intense Competition.

Topics like ‘Third wave Coffee – From crop to cup’, ‘How consumer awareness is creating demand for better quality’ and ‘How this movement has made it imperative for cafes, restaurants and hotels to improve their coffee’ – educated everyone and opened the participants to many questions; like ‘what is considered good coffee, how good is Indian coffee, how to get access to good coffee, what quality is instant coffee’, etc. that either don’t come to the mind of a coffee consumer or mostly, go unanswered.

The talk had coffee lovers even more involved in the brewing demonstration that followed.

Mithilesh mentioned a few variables in coffee, showed the right brewing technique and how a slight change in variables impacted the taste. It was interesting to know how easy it was for everyone to understand the difference in taste.

The fact that so many tablers eagerly awaited their turn at brewing coffee added a fun element to all the learning.

On the enthusiastic response Mithilesh said, “I am extremely happy by the enthusiasm in people to learn more about coffee, as it is my passion to create awareness. My Experience Centre is an extension of this and I’m happy to know that so many people are eager to visit. It’s also great to feel supported by people when you’re competing at the worlds.”

“The fact that the 30 minute session got extended to over 2 hours with enthusiasm only building up, says it all. The session managed to stir inquisitive minds and it was great to get questions and active participation. It shows how Nagpur has lifelonglearners who are ready to learn and accept new things when delivered by a credible source. ” said Malvika Vazalwar, Public Relations Consultant and Event conceptualiser.

The session was a part of Mithilesh’s project to create awareness about Specialty coffee! And a preview to the upcoming Coffee Brewing workshop in mid-November, at Panache Finishing school, W.H.C., Road, Nagpur.

On success of the session, Nidhi Poddar, Panache – The Finishing school said, “It was exciting to have such a unique and interactive session, Panache was filled with laughter and aroma of fresh coffee, and it was invigorating to be part of that. We’re looking forward to coffee brewing workshops with Mithilesh.”

“We learnt how one makes coffee such an incredible and interesting thing. We were happy to be a part of such a session especially because it was conducted by a credible source and an achiever from our own city. Had many interesting take aways from the session”. Said TR NISHANT YADUKA, CHAIRMAN, Nagpur Tigers Round Table 299.

The session was presented by Round Table India in association with Nagpur Tigers Round Table 299 and Panache – The Finishing school.

“Special thanks to Area LAPD Convenor Tr. Nilay Verma, Jewel Sq.Leg Sharad Agrawal, HT Sq.Leg Alkesh Saraf, IPC NSRT 258 Tr. Nitin Goplani, Secretary NSRT 258 Tr. Gautam Himmatramka, VC NSRT 258 Kshitij Agarwal , Tr Ankit Nangia, wives of tablers and twinklers.”

Sharad Agrawal


Malvika Vazalwar PR of Mithilesh Vazalwar


Shilpa and Rohit Lakhotia


Shubham and Sonal Maheshwari


Nilaye Verma


Ankit Nangia


Kavita and Alkesh Saraf

By Farhan Kazi 
Pics by Kunal Lakhotia