Published On : Thu, Oct 21st, 2021

Brain dead man gives life to four, family donates multiple organs

Nagpur: A 27 year old man declared brain dead in Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur has given a new lease of life to as many as four people after his organs were donated. It was the courage of his family and the bravery that after a couple of counseling sessions, they agreed to donate the organs to save lives of four other people.

The patient’s heart was airlifted to Mumbai and liver and kidneys were allotted to other private hospitals in the city including a kidney being allotted to Wockhardt Hospital.

The patient was admitted in Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur and operated by Dr. Rahul Zamad, Consultant- Neuro Surgery. After several attempts of saving his precious life, the young man lost the battle and was declared brain-dead.

“We salute the deceased donor and his family to have realised the value of organ donation and giving life to these ailing patients. We should all be a part of this noble act of giving life after death by donating organs,” said Mr. Abhinandan Dastenavar, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur. “We hope this acts as an example and encourages many others to come forward and get themselves registered for organ donation”, he added.

The intensivist team of Wockhardt Hospitals critically managed the clinical condition of patient to maintain hemodynamics of donor.

The retrieval of heart was done by a dedicated team which had arrived from Mumbai. Further, the complex procedure of harvesting both the kidneys and transplanting one (the one allotted to Wockhardt Hospitals) was done by Senior Transplant surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals along with Nephrologist- Dr. Suryashree Pandey and anaesthetists- Dr. Swanand Melag and Dr. Awantika Jaiswal.

The entire activity was conducted by dedicated transplant team of Wockhardt Hospitals including- Dr. Rakesh Shah, Head- Clinical Administration, Mr. Karthikeyan V., Head- General Administration, Ms. PayaL Katre and Ms. Urvashi Lakudkar.
The deceased received a heroic “Guard of Honour” for the noble cause by the hospital staff.
The same was conducted with the help of Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre-Nagpur, Traffic Police and Airports Authority of India, the organs were transported to respective locations in time.