Published On : Mon, Jun 6th, 2016

Boman Irani: ‘The Commander of Comic Perfectionism’


Boman Irani
It is rather unlikely that a Taj Mahal Palace waiter and a later shopkeeper to an ancestral bakery turns out to be an asset to Indian film industry. But the bag of kismet has surprise for you and for everyone! Yes, we are talking about Boman Irani an actor with impeccable comic timing and a human with essence of earthiness. As much as I know him in person he is a man with pragmatic approach yet with touch of humility. He is popularly known as an earthbound superstar.

The dilatory actor entered the Hindi film industry in his 40s, during the year 2000. But was very active in theaters all the while. It’s rather a lesser known fact that Mr. Irani turned to full time photographer in 1987 and continued until he became an actor. Acting was always a passion to Boman even in early school and college days. Irani preferred British theatre, His first on stage performance was a cameo in Alyque Padamsee’s ‘Roshni’ and that was all he needed. Audiences and critics both loved this lad and welcomed him with open arms to the world of theaters.


His persona and skills both are so ductile so that Boman fits into every character with ease and ataraxia. Who can ever forget the Dean from Munnabhai M.B.B.S. Or even the comical draconian Professor from 3 Idiots. He is perfect in everything he does! The movie might or might not achieve pinnacles of commercial success but his performances are undaunted and loved by everyone. This ‘Funny Bone* tickler’ is ‘ The Commander of Perfectionism’. (*Sure there is a reason they call that bone:Humerus)

Mr. Irani follows Zoroastrianism and is also member and secretary to the Parsee Television Actors Community. He is married to Zenobia and they celebrated 31 years of togetherness in January this year, along with his two sons, Danesh and Kayoze Irani. He also is a profound dog lover and has two pets. He is perfect exemplar of a Happily Married Man!

His recent appearance in comical romance is of an eccentric Gujarati businessmen with a shady past. With everything he is surely ticking those funny bones.

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