Published On : Wed, May 14th, 2014

Bollywood’s Baby Doll celebrates B’day with ‘Tina and Lolo’ team


Alumbra Entertainment, Maximus Multimedia Pvt Ltd and Mukesh Purohit, the makers of Tina and Lolo came together to celebrate the birthday of their actress Sunny Leone.


Sunny Leone who plays Tina in the flick Tina and Lolo has repeatedly tweeted about how she loves shooting with the cast and crew of Tina and Lolo and sources close to the producers tell us that she was very pleased when the director of the film, Devang Dholakia told her that she would be celebrating her birthday with everyone associated with the film.

Sunny, who has just returned from L.A found herself shooting on her birthday but was quick to arrange her schedule to accommodate her birthday party. Said Devang, “ We are very happy with our association with Sunny. She is one of the most committed actors I know and she is shining in Tina and Lolo. I, along with everyone associated with my film wish her a very happy birthday and a very successful year ahead.”