Published On : Thu, Apr 27th, 2017

Bollywood theme party by Manaswini Foundation regales

Ladies in Style

Nagpur Today.

Members of Manaswini Foundation organized a Bollywod theme party at Tuli Imperial recently. The participants dressed up according to their favourite Bollywood stars and enjoyed many group activities.

As the party was based on the Bollywood theme so they made chits of movie names and distributed among ladies and they had to act or dance according to the movie names written in the chits and they also had to do some signature moves of the movies.

The winners in various competition were Best Dressed — Shilpa Rahate, Best signature style – Trupti Apreja , Best moves – Pranali Mulik, Best act – Anita Bose. Sangeeta Kukde and Rajani Shahalot judged the competition.

Trupti Dubey


Aparna Gowardhan


Aruna Rahate


Dr. Mina Limbalkar


Dr. Zara Sayeda


Dr. Purva Poshattiwar


Indrani Roychowdhary


Neelam Bobade


Rashmi Manjgaokar


Rani Poshattiwar


Rajni Shahlot


Preeti Dharpule


Pranali Mulik


Sangeeta Kukde


Shalini Mishra


Shilpa Rahate


Shraddha Purohit


Tripti Apreja


Anita Bose and Asha Sood

By Farhan Kazi
Pics by Dhiraj Jangid