Published On : Wed, Apr 7th, 2021

Bogus RC Book scam comes to fore in Nagpur RTO (East)

Nagpur: The Regional Transport Office (RTO), Nagpur East, is again in the headlines for one more dubious reason. A RC Book (Registration Certificate) scam seems to be brewing in the office of the Deputy Regional Transport Office (East) with the recovery of seven fake four-wheeler Registration Certificates. These certificates bore the forged signature of Deputy RTO Vinod Jadhav. The shabby development has put the RTO under police radar, according to media reports.

According to reports, a complaint has been filed with Kalamna Police Station against unidentified agents and an investigation is on. The police complaint also mentions the names of the vehicle owners. The incident came to fore when the RTO East office received applications to issue fitness certificates to seven four-wheelers. During inspection of the documents, it came to fore that the RC smart cards were forged.

Reports further said that the incident surfaced earlier this year. The RTO (East) office initially tried to hush up the matter. Later, a senior clerk, who retired last month, came across the fake RCs and immediately brought it to the notice of Deputy RTO Jadhav. As the matter reached the Transport Commissioner’s office in Mumbai, a police complaint was filed. Simultaneously, sources said Jadhav too carried out an internal inquiry, which hinted at involvement of some of his office staff in the fraud.

Throwing light on the matter, Kalamna police said that since the investigation is in preliminary stage they cannot comment on the involvement of any RTO official. Cops are probing if any private RTO agent or official helped the gang procure the dummy smart cards. A nexus between touts, RTO department staff and some outsiders in legalizing stolen vehicles in the east office is being probed.

In the past too, the functioning of RTO (East) was under scanner. Touts can be spotted not only moving around the premises but also inside the office rooms and have the privilege to enter the high official’s chamber.

It is suspected the four-wheeler owners had submitted fake documents. Sources say several fake RCs were made after having tampered with engine and chassis numbers in the past few months. The sources say incidents related to fake RCs are reported mostly in cases of loan default — when firms take away vehicles financed by them, or when a buyer fails to get the vehicle registered within the stipulated time period. Firm agents get fake RCs of such vehicles prepared to sell them further at cheaper rates, sources added.