Published On : Mon, Feb 15th, 2016

Bogus CBI man & fake BoI Manager trick, rob two men

Representational Pic

Representational Pic

Nagpur: Two tricksters, posing as CBI officer and bank manager, robbed two gullible persons of gold ornaments and cash respectively in two different incidents in the city. The two conmen have been booked and are being hunted by cops.

In the first incident, the victim Madhukar Marotrao Itankar (35), resident of House No. 240, Satranjipura, was returning home walking around 1.45 pm on Sunday. Midway, a man with fictitious name Gokulprasad (around 35 years) accosted Madhukar and posing as CBI officer scared him by telling that looting takes place in the area and that he should remove gold ornaments and keep them in handkerchief. Panicked by the ‘looting scare,’ Madhukar removed his gold chain and a ring he was wearing and started keeping the booty in a handkerchief. At the same time the ‘bogus CBI officer Gokulprasad,’ on the pretext of helping Madhukar, diverted his mind and pocketed the gold stuff and wrapped up some other material in the handkerchief and vanished from the spot. After some moments, Madhukar sensed something amiss and checked the handkerchief only to find some cheap material in place of his gold chain and ring worth Rs 74,000. The tricked and robbed Madhukar immediately went to Lakadganj Police Station and lodged a complaint.

PSI Analdas booked the fake CBI officer under Sections 179, 419, 420 of IPC and mounted a search to nab him.

Fake BoI Manager
Similarly, another conned victim Yasin Abdul Razzak Raeen (38) of Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Kawrapeth, told police that on February 4 around 3.30 pm he received a calls from two mobile phone numbers 9835455622 and 6069342026 with the caller identifying himself as Bank of India Manager. The bogus BoI Manager told Yasin that the new year has commenced and that his ATM card would go non-functional. You will be given new PIN number so furnish the old PIN number of ATM card. Believing the fake BoI Manager, Yasin furnished the ATM card PIN number to the trickster. As soon as Yasin provided his ATM card PIN number, the fake Bank of India Manager withdrew Rs 20,799 from Yasin’s account.

Based on a complaint filed by Yasin, Lakadganj API Mulani registered a case against the bogus BoI Manager under Section 420 and is searching for him.

In both the cases, the two gullible men were conned to the tune of Rs 94,000.