Published On : Sat, Sep 13th, 2014

Body of man found near Mental Hospital with hands, legs tied, mouth gagged & throat slit


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Tension ran high in the area near Mental Hospital Square on Koradi Road when body of a man was found with hands, legs tied, mouth gagged and throat slit by a sharp-edged weapon. The body was noticed on Saturday morning and the victim has not yet been unidentified.
According to reports, Gittikhadan police on early Saturday morning received a call informing them that body of a man has been lying near Mental Hospital Square on Koradi Road. On reaching the spot, police found the unidentified man murdered apparently after tying his hands, legs and gagging mouth. The assailants killed the man after slitting his throat with a sharp-edged weapon. Police surmise the murdered man could be of 30-35 years of age. On frisking the body, police found no material that could help them in identifying the murdered man. The assailants, in a well-planned plot, left no evidence to hide the identity of murdered man.
Top police officials also visited the crime spot and guided the investigation. Gittikhadan police have registered an offence of murder and making all out efforts to first establish identity of the victim. Once the man is identified, police hope of cracking the murder and arresting the assailants.