Published On : Mon, Sep 26th, 2016

Black American woman expresses her protest over police shootings of African-Americans by painting herself white


Black Woman White paint

The United States of America may be a country where dreams come true. The phrase ‘the American dream’ has inspired many people from all over the world to head to the States in the hope of a better life. The Americans also pride themselves on equal work and living opportunities. However, as pleasant as that idea sounds, reality has been very different. Racial discrimination has been an issue that has plagued the country, and stories around it continue to haunt even today.

Though, many world leaders, including Martin Luther King, were successful to a large extent in eradicating the social evil that has been the main causes of sufferings of a large part of humanity, recent incidents in the United States have set alarm bells ringing the minds of people again. People have reacted sharply to the recent police shootings, the latest being the fatal shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, on September 20, 2016, only four days after Terrence Crutch was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Protesting the increasing injustice being meted out to the community, an African-American woman filmed herself as she painted her body white. Tashala Dangel Geyer, a resident of Florida, reportedly filmed a 40-minute Facebook Live segment that shows her painting herself white, to protest police violence and discrimination against African-Americans in the US. While she applied paint on herself, Geyer also satirically advised other black people to do the same so their safety is not hampered.

“This is the best sh*t I ever could have thought of, it’s saving my life,” she says at the start of one the video clip. “The Lord woke me up and sent me this sign,” she adds sarcastically.

“If you want to survive, go white,” she later said in the video, which was also posted later on Instagram and YouTube. The footage, which went viral after garnering so much of attention and Facebook shares, was later taken down from the site. But there are clipping available on other social media sites.

Going by Geyer’s Facebook timeline, the lady is well versed with making viral videos, and had even recorded another video of painting herself with black paint. There is no denying that this video seems more of a publicity stunt than anything else, but the issue of racial discrimination is one that not only cannot be ignored, but is also one of huge concern. The idea of painting of herself white definitely hits home.