Published On : Fri, Jan 5th, 2018

BJP, Sangh targetting me: Jignesh Mevani

Jignesh Mevani
New Delhi: Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani today denied making any inflammatory speech in Pune and said he was being targeted by the BJP and the RSS. An FIR was filed against the Gujarat MLA and Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader Umar Khalid yesterday for their alleged “provocative’ speeches during an event in Pune on December 31.

“Neither did I make any inflamatory speech nor did I take part in the bandh in Maharashtra. “I am being targeted by the BJP and Sangh,” Mevani told reporters in Delhi.

He said the BJP is “threatened by my growing popularity,” and accused the party of “attacking me because they arrogantly thought they would win 150 seats in Gujarat and stopped at 99…and now are worried about the 2019 national election.”

“If Dalits continue to be targeted and my reputation is continued to be tarnished, Mr PM we will teach you a lesson in 2019,” Jignesh Mevani said in multiple attacks on PM Modi, also stating, “The Prime Minister is a self-proclaimed follower of Dr BR Ambedkar, why is he silent? Why are Dalit events like the in Pune attacked? Why are Dalits not secure in India? We want to know if he has any commitment to the annihilation of caste…which was Dr Ambedkar’s ultimate goal.”