BJP Pradesh President dodges questions on Munna Yadav, Nana Patole

Raosaheb Danave
Nagpur: BJP Pradesh President Raosaheb Danve very cleverly avoided the questions put up by media persons regarding notorious Munna Yadav, President of Maharashtra State Workers Welfare Board and MP Nana Patole. Danve in city on Thursday and the party had organised a press conference. On asking the question on Munna Yadav, instead of answering he quickly announced that the press conference was over.

It is learnt from reliable sources that the party would take disciplinary action against Nana Patole for rebellious behaviour. The question was regarding this but Danve avoided answering saying that the question related to MP is different and so he will not answer in this press conference. He further said that he would personally meet Nana Patole during the session and talk to him on this issue.

Appointment of new committees
The State Government has not appointed new committees of Corporations though three years have lapsed and this has created resentment among the BJP workers. In this regard Danve was quick enough to pass the buck on the last government. He said that the appointment of new committees of the corporations are according to dates and till the term ends nothing can be done.