Published On : Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

BJP MLA from Arni Raju Todsam’s purported audio tape threatening Contractor goes viral but no FIR filed yet!

Nagpur/Yawatmal: The call begins with the ‘caller’ allegedly Todsam, speaking to the Contractor Sharma as if he were a well wisher. This is about work going on in Yawatmal district where Arni, the MLA’s constituency lies.

He asks how work in his area is going on and if he has been paid in full. The contractor replies that some portion is still pending. Upon which the caller asks if ‘the officers at the site have conveyed any message regarding me ( the MLA) to you? If they have please listen carefully and do what they say.’

In later conversation it unfolds that if he wants to get paid in full and continue working ‘in my area’ you will have to fulfill this ‘transaction’.

“If I have to continue paying everyone, I will have to sell my house; please have some pity on me Sir, my son is lying in coma for the last 7 months! I had sent him to Pune to study where he met with an accident. He is still in coma…” the contractor is heard pleading.

This man finally ‘threatens’ the Caller, who he alleges was Todsam, that he will go to the press and the police. “Why don’t you go to the C.M. only?” is the arrogant reply he gets.

The Government Contractor has finally filed a police complaint against the MLA but the Yawatmal police haven’t even filed an FIR yet, forget taking any other action. Meanwhile, the audio clipping has gone viral even among BJP youth cadre, angering many of them. In fact, NT knows for a fact that BJP workers have only ensured that the clipping goes viral.

The Superintendent of Police, M Rajkumar, is still waiting for the complainant to give a ‘proper FIR’ in the requried ‘form’.

“He has just given a complaint on a piece of paper and refused to file a regular FIR with signature” he says.

Sharma, meanwhile seems to be at the end of his tether.

He also turns belligerent towards the end of the call when the MLA allegedly threatens to hold his bill citing quality reasons.

“Why don’t you come and supervise my work at site yourself? I know even where no work at all has been done you will make payment if you get your ‘cut’ but you will hold my payment even though I have given you a quality certificate from relevant department too!” Sharma also then said no one could stop him from working in the area, ‘you have not bought the area, how can you stop me from working there?’

The Contractor also keeps bringing up one ‘Madan’ Sir, to whom he will complain. (He meant Madan Yerawar, the BJP MLA frm Yawatmal.)

This infuriates the caller, who counters ‘why don’t you go to the CM?’

The Suptd of Police says he has listened to the audio but begun no investigations yet.