Published On : Fri, Mar 8th, 2019

BJP leader’s brother arrested for mobile theft

Nagpur: Railway police have arrested an Shoved Mehboob Khan (34), resident Azad Ward, Chimur on the charges on stealing mobile phone. Khan is a brother of Junaid Mehboob Khan who is vice president of Bharatiya Janta Party’s Maharashtra State Minorities Department.

The mobile phone worth Rs 10,000 belongs to 23-year-old Jitendra Kaviraj Chaudhary who is a resident of Jaitala. Chaudhary was buying railway ticket from the counter when the phone was reportedly stolen on May 31, 2018. Subsequently, he rushed to police and filed a police complaint.

Following the leads, GRP Nagpur traced the location of the mobile in Chimur. After the exact information the GRP team reached Chimur, and seized the phone from Khan’s possession.

Police had brought accused Khan to Nagpur and arrested him. In the inquiry, Khan told that he did not know about the mobile theft as he had bought this mobile for Rs 4,500 from his nephew.

According to sources Khan’s family has criminal history before this too. Junaid Mehboob Khan and his second younger brother Shunaid Mehboob Khan were accused of rape and murder of a girl in 2010 in Chimur. Junaid Mehboob Khan is also prime accused in a case of attempted to murder of Shiv Sena Taluka President.

Junaid Mehboob Khan has now arrived to Nagpur from Chimur and it is alleged that he has been misusing the name of Jamal Siddiqui, president of the Maharashtra State Minorities Department.