Published On : Fri, Nov 11th, 2016

BJP has no black money, says Amit Shah on currency clean-up

Amit shah

New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shah on demonetisation.


–The government has targeted terror funds, fake currency and hawala operators. Common people need not worry.

— The government has taken a bold step to crackdown on black money.

— There could be inconvenience, long queues at ATMs, but we appeal to people to cooperate.

— It’s a a big blow to terrorists, naxalities, fake currency and hawala operators. Those having black money are in a state of shock with the notes ban decision.

— I fail to understand why Mulayam, Mayawati, Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi are upset with this move? Only Mamata can explain how this move is anti-poor.

— Poor will not suffer, but some political parties have become poor.

— This is a decisive fight against black money and those who fund terrorism. The BJP has no black money.

Long queues were witnessed at banks and ATMs, which opened after two days on Friday as people rushed to get new banknotes in lieu of their old defunct bills.

Many ATMs ran out of cash in couple of hours as there were heavy rush to withdraw lower denomination currency. Most of the machines were equipped to tender Rs 100 notes, while some were still not working.

Banks are saying that they are trying to recalibrate their machine for higher denomination notes, it will take some days before they start tendering new high security Rs 500 and 2000 notes which is expected to ease pressure.
However, to ensure customer convenience, banks have been asked to provide all cash withdrawal transactions at their ATMs free of cost till 30 December.

Banks across country are witnessing heavy rush on the second day as people gathered to get new banknotes in exchange of old bills.

After the government scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, banks were shut on Wednesday, and ATMs were supposed to be out of service for re calibration on Wednesday and Thursday.

In the financial capital of the country, shutters of ATMs of State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda, Yes Bank, Dena Bank were down in many parts. ATMs of many banks reported running dry.