Published On : Fri, Apr 6th, 2018

BJP foundation day LIVE updates

Around 3 lakh workers from across Maharashtra are expected to attend the BJP foundation day rally in Mumbai

BJP was founded by Syama Prasad Mukherjee on April 6, 1980


16:25 (IST)
Amit Shah at the press conference of the BJP Foundation Day:

  • BJP is ready to go into battlefield and will once again win with majority under the leadership of PM Modi.
  • “I want to tell the Congress, BSP and all other opposition parties that they have assembled together not because they match in ideologies but only because they are afraid of PM Modi. I apologise if they felt bad, but I was only talking in context of ideologies.”
  • He said the BJP’s aim was never a Congress-mukt Bharat but an India free of the Congress culture.

16:09:50 (IST)
The BJP had chartered 28 trains, with 11 of them terminating on Western Railways and 17 on Central Railways, said officials. However, BJP workers alleged that their special trains were late by two to five hours as the Railways did not run them on priority a news agency reported.

16:07:32 (IST)
Motorists, too, had a tough time during morning rush hour, especially on the arterial Western Express Highway between Andheri and Bandra, as party workers coming in for the rally by road contributed to massive traffic snarls.

15:33:29 (IST)
Several trains arrived late after BJP workers, being ferried in special services for the party’s Foundation Day rally at BKC, insisted on unscheduled halts enroute, Western Railway officials on condition of anonymity told PTI.

15:28:07 (IST)
Amit Shah again established that the BJP won’t abolish reservations and also won’t allow anyone to do so. He had mentioned this earlier as well at a public meeting in Odisha.

14:33:57 (IST)
BJP chief Amit Shah addresses the gathering at BJP foundation day in Mumbai:

  • BJP chief Amit Shah quotes Atal Bihari Vajpayee and says the country sees the “lotus” bloom across the country
  • Today Narendra Modi government has brought satisfaction in every poor man’s house
  • “Are you asking for the accountability of the last 4 years? The people of India want to ask you for the accountability of the last 4 decades”
  • BJP will never change the SC/ST act

14:19:26 (IST)
Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis speaks at the foundation day celebrations says, no one can snatch away reservation that are guaranteed by the constitution.

13:10 (IST)
BJP chief Amit Shah arrives at the venue of BJP’s foundation day celebrations. He is to address the gathering of close to 3 lakh people.