BJP flip-flop may shatter Sena Corporator’s dream of holding Deputy Mayor post

Nagpur: Politics is totally a different ball game. Guessing goes hazardous. And when it comes offering plum posts, politics is at its unpredictable high. The point in context is the post of Deputy Mayor. If Shiv Sena Corporator from North Nagpur Bandu Talvelkar is to be believed, a BJP stalwart had often promised him the post. Just a few days ago, the top BJP leader had reportedly said that if the Deputy Mayor’s post is to be filled from Shiv Sena quota then the only candidate is its Corporator Bandu Talvelkar. However, the name of Talvelkar is being rivaled by many in the party itself. But Bandu says that he will accept the post gladly if offered and the party’s seal of approval is certain.

However, dreams are meant to shatter is also a true adage. The 9-year dream of Bandu Talvelkar would also shatter if his party puts spokes or has another game plan. Notably, when Bandu became corporator for the first time on a Shiv Sena ticket, he had publicly vowed to step into the Nagpur Municipal Corporation Headquarters in the form of Deputy Mayor alone. But the vow remained a vow only as party had bestowed the post to Kishore Kumeria.

BJP-Shiv Sena relations could go sore:

The effect of cold war being witnessed between BJP and Shiv Sena at State level is also being seen at local body level as well. According to alliance talk, the post of next Deputy Mayor could go Shiv Sena’s way, of course for the next one and quarter month only. However, observing the inflexible attitude of BJP, the Shiv Sena too has made its nonchalant mind known and is in no mood to accept the contentious post. The self-respect has got aroused.

The Sena leaders remind that their alliance with BJP was well before the elections. Had BJP wished, the Deputy Mayor’s post could have been offered to Sena a lon back. The then Sampark Pramukh Vinayak Raut too was assured of the post for a period two and half years but he was not offered the post. Now, when the post being offered at the fag end of the term, Shiv Sena says it is not interested. (NMC election is due in 2017).

On the other hand, BJP is also found in double minds or treading at crossroads over the issue. Whether to offer the post to Shiv Sena or not. The decision has been left to the top bosses. The flip-flop among the two parties threatens to sore the relations between the two parties.

In the year 2012, the NMC elections were fought by the BJP and Shiv Sena in alliance. Rigid stance over seat sharing and posts was the highlight of the alliance talks. Finally, 18 seats were offered to Sena. With a scramble, Shiv Sena manged to win six seats only and was also sidelined by the BJP when it to offering any posts including the Deputy Mayor’s. According to alliance talks, four Deputy Mayors were to share the five year period rule. The first three were decided to be from Nagpur Vikas Aghadi and the last one to Shiv Sena. The present Deputy Mayor Munna Pokulwar has been appointed as Standing Committee member and is likely to relinquish the post next month. Then the vacant post of Deputy Mayor could go the Sena way. But no consensus is emerging in BJP over the issue. The leaders of the party are feigning ignorance over the issue.

Ball in party court:
The Shiv Sena Group Leader in NMC Kishore Kumeria, while asserting that his party is not interested in accepting the Deputy Mayor’s post at this stage, said that he will keep his views before the party high command and put the ball in party’s court. Whatever decision the party takes will be accepted, stated Kumeria.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )