Published On : Wed, Mar 16th, 2016

Ranjit Safelkar, other booked for grabbing dead man’s farm land in Kamptee Tehsil

In a high-profile fraud, a Councillor of Kamptee Nagar Parishad, who is also chief of Shriram Sena, and his one accomplice allegedly forged documents and grabbed a landed property of a dead man. The accused Councillor and other have been booked by Kalamna police.

The alleged fraudsters have been identified as Ranjit Halke Safelkar, resident of Old Kamptee and Vijay Keshavrao Bhujade, resident of Pardi, Bhandara Road, Nagpur. In their nefarious design to usurp the huge agriculture land, City Survey No. 85 (old), No. 103 (new), situated at Mauza Dhargaon in Kamptee Tehsil, both the accused connived with each other and hatched a conspiracy. The farm land belonged to Sayyed Ahmed Papamiya who died way back in 1964. Since nobody claimed the right on the said land, the accused Safelkar and Bhujade took advantage of the situation and planned to usurp the agriculture land. The accused prepared a bogus sale agreement of the agriculture land on a Rs 500 Stamp Paper to show the property as theirs. The accused even displayed a board depicting the agriculture lan belonged to them.

Kalamna police have booked the accused Ranjit Safelkar and Vijay Bhujade under Sections 467, 468, 471, 420, 34 of IPC and investigating the matter further.

Well-planned conspiracy:
More and more damning revelations have got exposed in the well-planned land grab case. According to sources, the main accused Ranjit Safelkar and his accomplices have reportedly gone underground to dodge the searching cops. The Kalamna Police Inspector Anil Bonde told Nagpur Today that the accused perpetrated the offence cleverly and cunningly as well. The alertness on the part of cops watered down the plan. Surprisingly, on the basis of a complaint lodged by Vijay Bhujade, himself accused in the land grab case, Kalamna police had in 2015 booked Dilkhush Rangari, Gurukrupa Housing Society’s President Eknath Falke, and Manoj Chincholkar under Sections 467, 468, 471, 420, 34 of IPC in the offence 138/15 and had launched an investigation. The complainant Vijay Bhujade was a close aide of Ranjit Safelkar and was part of the conspiracy. The same Vijay Bhujade, in connivance with Safelkar, had forged a Rs 20 lakh agreement of the said agriculture land worth crores. The accused Bhujade and Safelkar, in order to hoodwink the concerned authorities, had installed a board depicting the land as theirs.

However, when the Kalamna police got a whiff of the fraud they mounted a probe albeit secretly. The probe report was then forwarded to DCP Abhinash Kumar. Subsequently, the DCP ordered an in-depth investigation into the matter to dig out the truth. As the police plan to nail the accused, a Head Constable Vishwanath Aswale filed a complaint on behalf of police. Acting on the complaint, Kalamna cops then booked Vijay Bhujade (previous complainant) and the main accused Ranjit Safelkar under Sections 467, 468, 471, 420, 34 of IPC, said the PI Anil Bonde.

With the alleged role of Ranjit Safelkar in the land grab case getting exposed other nasty affairs of his have started cropping up. According to sources, Safelkar is in the “field” since years and grabbing lands of many a poor people with the help of bogus documents. The accused might have amassed crores by indulging in high-profile frauds. He reportedly shares the spoils in social activities, mainly felicitation of himself. The self-bragging hoardings at umpteen places is the pointer in effect. Sources further informed that the notorious gangster Raju Bhadre and Safelkar were expert auto drivers in their times. Raju Bhadre turned Bhande Plot his den while Safelkar chose Kamptee. Safelkar, along with crime world, jumped in the political ring as well. In recent times, the Nagpur police have cracked down several notorious goons by invoking the dreaded MCOCA provisions against them. Is Safelkar on the line?
Sources further said that Safelkar could not thrive in his nasty acts without the patronage and blessings of his political masters. That he is close confidant of a top leader of the area is an open secret. This political patronage might save Safelkar from the heavy hand of police.