Published On : Mon, Feb 3rd, 2014

Bizarre chain of accidents near Futala Lake hurt mother-son duo, many escape narrowly

However, the chain of accidents could have turned fatal and disastrous had the vehicles involved gone out of control in a big way on Monday morning.

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A woman and her son, who run a tea kiosk, were injured and few persons had a miraculous escape when a bizarre chain of accidents took place near Futala Lake at about 11 am on Monday. However, the chain of accidents could have turned fatal and disastrous had vehicles involved gone out of control in a big way.

According to police and eye-witnesses, a crane (MH-31/ CV 4090), was towing a private travels bus (MH-04 / G 5971) that had gone dead following brake failure on Amravati Road. The crane was taking the bus towards Ravinagar Square. However, when both the heavy vehicles reached on the slope between University Campus Square and Hindustan Colony Square near Futala Lake, an I-20 Hyundai Car (MH-40/AC 2725) overtook the crane and swerved to right side towards Hindustan Colony and thus coming in front of the crane. The crane driver, taken aback by the sudden situation, applied the brakes but to his shock, the brakes of the crane failed, and the crane rammed into the rear side of the I-20 car. The car driver, probably a learner, lost control and crashed the car into the tea kiosk, injuring the mother-child duo, then onto a TVS Scooty, (MH 31 / BT 8654) and a Honda Activa (MH 40 /A 9183) The car dragged the TVS Scooty, Honda Activa to a considerable distance. The crane too crashed into the end point of the road divider and overturned and thus snapping the link that towing bus. The bus slipped away, and fortunately, stopped itself after some distance. The car driver fled the scene fearing people’s wrath.


The injured mother and child duo was rushed to a hospital. However, a girl, who had come to a mechanic to get the punctured tyre of her Scooty repaired and the mechanic, had a miraculous escape as both of them spotted the speeding car heading towards them and ran away from the spot.

Eye-witnesses said, since the door of the crane got jammed, the driver could not escape and got injured. The Activa, that was dragged by the crane, belonged to a Supervisor of NMC and a resident of Bezonbagh,  Sohan Chevre. Chevre had parked his vehicle there and gone to the office for some work. The girl, Asmita Bagrule, whose Scooty too was dragged by the crane,  the mechanic Kishore Nayak, thanked their luck for noticing the crash and the speeding car that was heading towards them uncontrollably.

The police reached the spot and were investigating the matter. A sweeper, who was sweeping the road near the footpath, got his legs trapped between the Activa and the ground.

One of the eye-witnesses, a mechanic Salim Khan, (35) said that he almost encountered his death but got saved. He said that everything happened within seconds. The very thought that he escaped death was like a miracle but shuddering.