Published On : Fri, Jan 8th, 2016

Bigg Boss 9 shocker: Kishwer Merchant walks out of the show, thanks fans for support

Kishwer Merchant
Last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 9 showed Kishwer Merchant and Prince Narula staying put in their respective booths in the garden area braving hunger and battling the chill in the Ticket to Finale task, even as the stakes kept rising. While it looked like neither of the two–both being strong contestants–would give up, it is now being said that Kishwer eventually pressed the buzzer and left the show with Rs 15 lakh.

In the second leg of the Ticket to Finale task, Mandana, Kishwer and Prince were given three options: (A) If any one of them presses the buzzer first, s/he will be out of the game, but will still stay in the house as a regular contestant. (B) Whoever presses the buzzer second will win Rs 6,33,333 lakh and be evicted from the house. (C) Whoever presses the buzzer last will directly get a ticket to the finale.

The moment the task started, Mandana pressed the buzzer and opted out of the task (and remained in the game), leaving Prince and Kishwer head to head in the fight. Initially the two refused to budge, calling the game unfair, as both of them won the first round of the task but were still in the danger zone.

As Bigg Boss increased the stakes and announced that the task will not be cancelled under any circumstances, it seems that Kishwer finally gave up and walked out of the task (and the show) with Rs 15 lakh, giving Prince a direct entry into the finale. Though this is not confirmed from the channel, the news doing the rounds on the social media suggests so. And, the fact that Kishwer has herself tweeted from her official account thanking her fans for their support, seems to lend credence to this theory.

She’s also been re-tweeting tweets from her supporters.

As soon as the news of her eviction broke out, her fans took to social media to vent their anger.

It is quite disappointing that Kishwer has walked out as she was one of the strongest contenders from the very beginning.