Published On : Fri, May 25th, 2018

Big B trolled for comments on ‘Westerning Birthdays’

Amitabh Bachchan has been the Twitter freak of late, and keeps his fans engaged with his quirky tweets, be it talking to Twitter Ji to increase the number of his followers or any other share. Well, now another tweet posted by Big B has caught many eyeballs, wherein he seems to have questioned the “westernised” birthday celebrations in India.

Do you think it’s really a birthday without cutting a cake and making a wish while blowing out candles? But, it seems the Piku star doesn’t like to celebrate it that way and asked, “Why cake? Why candle?” Calling the cake-cutting and candle-blowing celebrations “westernised”, he wrote, “The English left the practice with us and we have become slaves to it.”

Underlining the contrast between desi celebrations and the westernised ones, he added, “Why to blow out candles when in our culture we light a lamp on birthday?” Taking it a tad bit further he also expressed his reservation about the birthday song and instead urged everyone to sing, “Varsh nav, harsh nav!”

No sooner did he tweet it, people were quick to point out his “hypocrisy” many proofs of Bachchan cutting a cake. Some even questioned why his granddaughter Aaradhya had a big birthday party. And quite unsurprisingly, the tweet became fodder for meme-makers, who took this opportunity to slam the veteran Bollywood star in their own way. Sample these.