Published On : Wed, Dec 20th, 2017

Bhoomipujan of Nagpur Round Table 83’s school project performed

Nagpur: In what could be mentioned as adding one more feather to it’s cap, Nagpur Round Table-83 performed the Bhoomipujan of their school project which they have undertaken recently.

Nagpur Round Table 83 performed the Ground Breaking (bhoomipujan) ceremony of their 6th project on December16, 2017at Uday Sikshan Vidyalaya at Uthkhana, Nagpur.

“UdaySikshanSanstha” is a very old organization in Nagpur. They are very strong in their foundation and principles. The school benefited more than 4000 children till date. At Uday Sikshan Vidyalaya, NRT 83 intends to make two classrooms along with a toilet block. They have to undertake the construction work only during the summer vacations when the school is empty.

Nagpur Round Table 83 has been in existence for 30years. Year on year by doing charity events and projects they work for the common goal of Round Table India – “Freedom Through Education” under which NRT 83 has till date made 5 schools which benefited the society in many other ways. RTI has been making schools in India from the year 2000 onwards and has made 5738 classrooms till date accross India in 2371 projects which in-turn has benefitted more than 6.3 million children in pursuing their education.

NRT83 Chairman Sahil Jain, who addressed the children and guests, said that it gives them immense pleasure to see the under-privileged children getting an opportunity to sit comfortably and study in the very classrooms that NRT 83 has built. He urged the children that when they grow up and become successful people, they should also come back and give back to their alma mater or to the society in any way they can.