Published On : Mon, Oct 23rd, 2017

Bhonsala Military school sent several kids suffering from dengue, malaria on Diwali leave

Nagpur: Bhonsala Military School at Chakkikhapa in Nagpur rural area has once again caught the eye of storm as it has landed in yet another controversy. Sources reported that several students at the school have been caught with malaria and dengue in the school premises before Diwali vacation. To cover up the issue, the school administration has reportedly handed all of them to their parents and guardians under the garb of Diwali holidays.
School sources informed that the school is currently shut down on account of vacation.

It is learnt that before Diwali nearly all the students at Munje Bhawan hostel were severely affected by dengue and malaria. The school administration was seeking help of nearby National Cancer Hospital to treat the ill children. A makeshift 10-bedded hospital was also set up in the school permises, however there was no full time doctor to attend the ailing kids.

Sources even informed that a single doctor was there to attend to both the children and pets in the school premises.
Nagpur Today tried calling the school authorities but no one attended the call despite repeated attempts.