Published On : Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

Bhavan’s teases RTE, denies admission to a girl despite selected in draw

Nagpur: How a renowned school teased the Right to Education and deprived a girl admission despite she being selected in the draw system has come to the fore.

The Hilltop-based parent named Sagar Ramteke had made the online application for admission to his daughter Aradhya. In the April 7 lottery draw for RTE admissions, Aradhya was allotted the Civil Lines-based Bhavan’s School. The day after the draw, Aradhya’s father Sagar Ramteke, an electrician by profession, submitted all the necessary documents of her to the school. The documents were scrutinised on April 10 and addresses of the applicants were checked. After this process the school issued a list of rejected applications on April 12. The list contained the name of Aradhya, too. The school assigned the reason for rejecting Aradhya’s application as distance between her home and school being more than three kilometres in accordance with RTE norms. The RTE norms say the distance between home and school should be within 3 kilometres.

However, Aradhya’s father sagar Ramteke has rejected the logic cited by the school for rejection of RTE admission. According to Sagar, he had given the correct information in the online application. Dejected by the rejection, he had sent a letter to Deputy Director of Education seeking justice his daughter. The Deputy Director, in turn, on April 20 sent a letter to the school and sought explanation for rejection of the RTE admission to Aradhya. The school cited the same reason to the Deputy Director that had been given to Sagar. The school, along with the reply, sent copy of the map used for measuring distance between Ramteke’s house and the school to the Deputy Director.

However, Sagar Ramete has termed the distance measuring system as flawed and also against the norms of RTE. “The distance verification evidence sent by the school is actually based on road distance. In fact, the distance should have been measured by areal map and not the road as per the RTE norms,” Ramteke asserted.