Published On : Tue, Apr 8th, 2014

Bhanteji Extend Support to Dr. Gaikwad, Participated in Padyatras


Nagpur News : Bhadant Dhammapriya, Bhadant Karunik, along with Panchvargiya Bhikkusangh expressed their support to Dr. Gaikwad. ‘Supporting a secular mechanism is a necessity for comprehensive development of Nagpur’, believe Bhanteji. ‘To bring about a reformative development we need educated leaders with strong moral and ethical background. Renowned academician Dr. Gaikwad is the only candidate from our region who has a clean image and therefore meets the requirements,’ added Bhadant Dhammapriya.


Bhanteji have also participated in various padyatras led by BSP to declare support to Dr. Gaikwad. “Mohan Sir is known to us and we have high regards for him. In today’s times of distress, when students of Vidarbha migrate to Pune, Mumbai etc. for jobs, candidate like Dr. Gaikwad is our only hope,” added the Panchvargiya Bhikkusangh.

They expressed confidence in Dr. Gaikwad and wished him success in the elections.