Published On : Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

Bhandara guy Jayesh cracks AIIMS entrance exams with 99.80% percentile standing second throughout Vidarbha!!

AIIMS Entrance Exams, Jayesh Urade

Jayesh Urade

New Delhi: The unpredictable Goddess of Success can and does favour the unexpected oftentimes leaving everyone surprised. Even the recipient!

That is the case of Jayesh Urade, a Bhandara boy who has topped the AIIMS entrance exams from Vidarbha scoring a whopping 99.80%!


His success is all the more creditable when you come to know that this year a total of 28,4,737 candidates appeared for the exams out of which 4,905 have qualified and are eligible for counselling session in AIIMS. Among the 4905 successful students, Jayesh ranks 323. In the OBC category he ranks 47!

“How are you feeling? On top of the world?” We ask Jayesh.

“Not really” he says -” it still feels unreal.” What were your expectations? We probe further.

“No expectations as such… I had done the exams well, but wasn’t dreaming of topping or anything like that!” This humble boy says candidly.

He wasn’t even ready to come on phone first, letting his father talk with us till we insisted we wanted to talk with Jayesh himself.

Only child of a Teaching couple

Jayesh’s father is lecturer in a Junior college of Bhandara called Narayan Joshi College. His mother teaches in Chaitanya School in a village called Manegaon which is 15 Kms from Bhandara. She does up and down between Manegaon and Bhandara everyday.

Jayesh himself studied in the St. Peters School, a Christian Missionary school (CBSE Board) of Bhandara till his 10th.

“I give all the credit for my academic success’ to my teachers from this school; they worked extremely hard over us. They took special classes for many of us at home after school hours without charging much! They were not running any professional tutorials, just helping out the good students who felt they needed some extra coaching” says Jayesh.

For his 11th and 12th this bright boy shifted to Nagpur where he stayed in a hostel and attended coaching at ICAD.

“This institute was also extremely disciplined. For the two years I was with them we had no access to TV, no cell phones and no internet.” He says. In fact that was a self imposed discipline he followed when doing his 10th from Bhandara too.

“I still do not have accounts on Facebook, or Twitter and have not downloaded Whats app either.” He clarifies.

“Did this habit help him in his studies?” We ask. “Can’t say! But I guess it did…” Jayesh replies.

We understand that being circumspect and modest is second nature to this to-be Doctor.

Gave up Maths after 10th

For instance, he does not state emphatically that he was aiming at being a Doctor and nothing else, when he says he gave up maths after 10th.

“Was getting more interested in Biology, so thought would explore options in this line…” he says.

We ask if there are any Doctors in the family who inspired him.

“No, no doctors before me… no wait! One mama is a Veterinary Doctor. He is in Govt service in Kota, Rajasthan.” Jayesh replies as an after thought.

Hopes to get into Bhopal or Jodhpur AIIMS

Even with his brilliant scores, Jayesh says modestly that getting into AIIMS Delhi seems impossible. They have only 100 seats of which 50 are Reserved. With 47 ranking in OBC it still seems a difficult prospect.

The next options are Bhopal and Jodhpur; both are supposed to be equally good. (There are 7 AIIMS in all, one is proposed in Nagpur also soon.)

“I may go to Jodhpur” says Jayesh.

Has he decided what branch of Medicine he wants to pursue?

“No, not yet. Once I begin doing MBBS, I will see what I like!”

The final question we asked him was ” would he be interested in coming and practising in Bhandara after he becomes a Doctor or would he prefer working in a big Hospital.”

It is to his credit that Jayesh Urkude did not believe in giving a politically correct reply. As expected, he said candidly ” I will cross that bridge when I come to it!”

Jayesh Urkude in conversation with Sunita Mudaliar