Published On : Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Beware of falling trees and branches: Civil Lines ahead!

Nagpur: Sudden strong winds, thunder-lightning accompanied with heavy rains caught the citizens off guard. Though the climate was very sultry and humid, the rains were definitely welcome, which brought the temperatures low.

IMG_6362According to the Regional Metrological Department, Thunderstorm accompanied by strong winds was observed at isolated places over Vidarbha. However, Nagpur city witnessed strong winds accompanied by thunder- lightning and rains.

IMG_6392With strong winds blowing over the city, tree branches falling on electric wires / cables knocked off power supply. This in turn caused the traffic signals to cease from working. This caused traffic jams on practically every square. Almost everybody whether they are on two-wheelers or four-wheelers, were in a hurry to reach their destinations (in the fear of getting caught in more sever rains).

IMG_6360Surprisingly the entire road stretch in Civil Lines from MLA Hostel Square to Japanese Garden Square was strewn with tree branches and leaves. The tree branches of many trees were practically blocking the smooth flow of the traffic.

IMG_6395A massive tree situated just adjacent to the cabin of the Commissioner of Police S P Yadav fell down. The cops on guard duty at the Commissioner’s Office said that they ceremoniously taken down with the blowing of the bugle. Immediately after that at around 7 pm, the massive tree fell down with a huge thud sound.

The official car of Commissioner of Police S P Yadav which is usually parked there escaped barely with a few feet left between the fallen tree’s branch and the car.

The road users had difficulty in traversing the road from Japanese Garden Square to MLA Hostel Square. Traffic jams were observed in many squares.


So is this monsoon rains?

Well according to the regional Metrological Centre, the forecast at 9:30 am said that Clear with cloudy periods. Likelihood of a thunderstorm. Windy at times.          This could be pre-monsoon rains.