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    Published On : Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

    Best out of waste: City’s 14-year old Maheshwar creates aircraft in amazing way

    Maheshwar Dhone
    Nagpur: These inspirational words were taken by a 14-year boy, a Nagpurian, to his heart. At a time when most of the kids of his age are glued to TV screens, computer games and even play with planes made out of papers, this boy has shown his creativity that too best of out of waste. Student of Class VIII, Maheshwar Dhone came up with a brilliant idea and created a remote-controlled aircraft out of thermocol pieces that were lying in waste dump in his house or somewhere else. Maheshwar processed the waste stuff and came out with a wonderful creation. And his creation – aircraft—sours into skies too with remote control in tiny hands of Maheshwar leaving the watchers in awe.

    “Use and throw” is the system most of us are accustomed. But nobody gives a though over how many ‘good’ things go to waste, unknowingly. But for the 14-year old Maheshwar, who likes to do things and want to give him new ideas, the ‘waste is best’. He keenly watched thermocol being used in packing and other waste piling and finding way to dustbins . Why? The thermocol can be utilised the better way, came the thought to Maheshwar’s brainy ideas. Once struck with the brilliant idea, things started to move in a specific direction. He started collecting the useful waste things with thermocole pieces in majority.

    The waste took the shape of a winged creation. Maheshwar first gave wings to his creative ideas and created a product amazingly. The wasted thermocole and junk and trash took the shape of an aircraft. 85 centimetres in length with wing span of one meter. The astonishing part of this creation is that Maheshwar himself designed the plane. Not that he was successful in first attempt. It took hours and days to design the product he wanted to be known as his creation out of the waste. Success no more eluded him. Hard work of six months and more brought the success to his creative hands. An aircraft was ready to fly.

    Maheshwar used 12 volt brushless motor and 12 volt battery while creating his aircraft. The cockpit was made out a Coca Cola bottle. Except the tools, entire aircraft was made out of the junk.

    Maheshwar Dhone’s inspiration, apart from his own, is Aerovision’s Rajesh Joshi. Momentous motivation and rock-solid backing by parents inspired Maheshwar come out with a best creation, out of the waste.

    To sum up Maheshwar’s creation, remember these words: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”

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