Belligerent ex-chairman of NMC’s Standing Committee refuses to foot bill, breaks things in Bar

NMC Nagpur
Nagpur: A few days back the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Standing Committee’s former Chairman is alleged to have created a ruckus in a Vishal Beer Bar opposite Kabra Petrol pump, telephone exchange. The belligerent former chairman even broke the the things in the beer bar. The owner of the beer bar was at a loss and did know what to do. Finally he called up the high officials of NMC for help but none of them wanted to interfere.

It may be mentioned that the financial condition of NMC is not good all the development works have come to standstill. Due to this none is there to grease their palms of corporators. The ruling party and some of the officials have become very strict. The office bearers are unable to get their things done.

The former chairman of the NMC’s standing Committee on last sunday had gone to Vishal Bar drank and eat to his hearts content but when he had to give the bill he flatly refused. According to the eye witness his first reaction was why he was asked to pay the bill and so in a fit of anger he broke the things there. He came out and even pelted stones and left without footing the bills. After the former chairman left the owner of Vishal bar asked for help from many higher ups but none came forward.The bar owner did not lodge a complaint in the police station.

It is said that the former chairman is quite well to do but maximum time he is broke and takes to such things. Near the bar there is Saoji Bhojanalaya where he often goes and after having good meals he leaves without paying.

It is said that he is in land business and as the Guardian MInister has stopped the registry’s of the lands and so after this his condition has turned bad. He is a corporator but since the development works have stopped due to GST he is facing bad time.