Published On : Wed, Apr 20th, 2016

Beed: 12-Year-Old Dies After Heart Attack At Water Pump; It Was 42 Degrees

beed-child1024x630-2Beed: In a Shocking incident, according to NDTV report, a 12-Year-Old Died after he suffered Heart Attack at Water Pump as he went to fetch water.  The sun was unrelenting as Yogita Desai made about 5 trips from her home in her village to the nearest water pump, 500 meters away.

The 12-year-old had been unwell for days with dysentery; but her family needed her help.

On her fifth journey to the water pump, she collapsed.

Doctors who attended to her in Beed, where she lived, said she died of a heart attack and dehydration.

Beed, like the other seven districts in Marathwada, has been gutted by drought for three years in a row.

Yogita died on Sunday.

The lowest temperature recorded in Beed on Sunday was 38 degrees and the high touched 42 degrees.

“There is a severe water crisis. She had gone to fetch water, where she felt giddy and collapsed,” Ishwar Desai, Yogita’s uncle, told NDTV.

Across India, a heat wave of frightening proportions has killed over 110 people so far. 45 people have died in Odisha; another 35 in Telangana in the last three weeks.

The met department has predicted an above-average monsoon for most parts of the country including Marathwada