Published On : Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

Bawankule’s beloved angel cherishes ’tilwa’ over family bonding

Jyoti Bawankule with Lokesh and Payal Ashtankar

Nagpur Today.

Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule’s newly married beloved daughter Payal Ashtankar saw her ’tilwa’ celebrateed at a plush hall on Ambazari road. Tilwa – a tradition in Maharashtra which is celebrated on first ‘Makar Sankranti’ after marriage in which both the families remain present.

The Bawankules and Ashtankars shared warm bond in the light atmosphere. All the guests were welcomed with the rose petals and wonderful welcome music.


Many hand made material were displayed at the event. Interestingly, the goodies were made up of ‘Til and sugar’ like dolls, kites and jewellery.

On this day, black colour plays important role, so both bride and groom wore in black and red colour traditional attire.

Moreover, to mark the religious fervour, 12 kites were displayed in ‘til and sugar’ were particular kite inserted particular picture of bride and groom memories which defines one kites equal to one month. Song which describe the occasion were also sung in the event. Instant photos were displayed on the entrance where people captured their fine memories and took back with them as return gift. Mrs. Bawankule welcomed guest with the honour.

Whole event was conceptualized by Manisha Bawankar which was appreciated by every presented guest.

Mr and Mrs Bawankule blessed their daughter and son in love with their valuable blessing.

Payal Ashtankar said “My Tilwa was very special as my Mom and her friend has arrange in a very different manner and i have never thought of being so special.” From the enternce we had been showered with the flower of blessing and our LOOT was done by showering flower and sparkles with melodious song and music she added.

She also Said “I actually want to thank Mumma (Jyoti Bawankule) and Manisha Bawankar for this wonderful concepts and arrangement to make that day memorable day of life.” Ukhane competition was also took place among the married ladies. Where ladies had it take their husband name in different different style.

Lokesh and Payal Ashtankar with Chandrashekhar Bawankule


Lokesh and Payal Ashtankar with Chandrashekhar & Jyoti Bawankule


Lokesh and Payal Ashtankar


Jyoti and Chandreshekhar Bawankule


Lavani perfornmance


Nanda Jichkar


Roshni Ashtankar


Manisha and Shriya Bawankar


Kritika Durugkar and Mala Munde


Harshata and Ankita Ashtankar


Anil & Archana Ashtankar


Chaitali Satpute and Archana Ashtankar


Devika and Sangeeta Kukde


Nina and Ajay Vijaywargi


Vaishali Ashtankar, Lalita Ragit and Pushpa Ashtankar


Mrs Lalita Kumbhare, Mrs Sandhya Khopde, Mrs Ashwini Sole and Mrs Parinita Fuke


Harshata, Devanshi and Ankita Ashtankar

By Farhan Kazi
Pics by Rajesh Bansod