Published On : Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

Barking Beasts : Citizens carry sticks to prevent dog bite at LIT

Nagpur: Morning walkers at the premises of Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT) are reeling under the treat of stray dogs. And the fear is not superfluous, as more than 10 morning walkers have been bitten by stray dogs on the premises in the last 15 days. Strangely, not a single citizen has filed complaint with Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Dharampeth zone. Instead they have started bringing sticks to protect themselves during their morning excursions.

The dog bite victims include a businessman, a couple of women and LIT staffer.
Animals activists have condemned the killing and use of sticks saying that the problem can be solved through vaccination and sterlisation.

NMC Veterinary officer Gajendra Mahalle said, “Citizens must report to the zonal office in such cases. In this case, they can inform the Dharampeth zone and preventive measures would be taken. So far, we didn’t receive any complaint.
Activist Ankita Shah said, “An FIR should be filed against the NMC because it is their duty to ensure that stray population is under control. The Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme should be resumed. The operation not only helps in controlling the population but also aggression of dogs. Cruelty on animals too would stop. ”

She added that if killing was a solution then culling would have clicked. “Many cities and countries tried culling strays but to no avail. If a dog dies, then another occupies that place,” she said.

People For Animals (PFA) member Karishma Galani too reitireated that ABC programme should be carried out. “But, people can also handle the situation with care. We are humans and should show compassion for the mute animal. Hardly one out of 100 dogs is aggressive which can be normalized through love and trust. If people carry sticks, more dogs would get aggressive,” she said.

Shah added, “The Supreme Court too has said that not every dog is a menace. Carrying sticks would worsen the situation.”

They also claim that an animal lover has been feeding them due to which the stray population has increased on the premises.

Businessman Sunil Singh Rotele (53) said, “I was walking when suddenly the bitch approached me and bit me on the legs on March 1. She was killed by the people on the campus.”

Senior citizen SB Dharaskar said, “A friend got stitches too. One of the dogs died after biting someone. We have no other place to walk so we are forced to come here. Look at VNIT, how well they have maintained the premises. Same security must be deployed here.”