Published On : Wed, Aug 27th, 2014

Bajeria turns volatile as residents bash tantrik suspected to be practicing black magic rituals

Nagpur News

Bajeria area of Nagpur went tense and volatile when some residents thrashed a person suspected to be practicing black magic. The incident occurred on dead of Monday night.

According to reports, a driver along with wife and two children stays at a first floor of a rented house in Bajeria. On Monday night when the driver went to his duty at about 11.45, his wife heard loud break-up noises. The panicky woman immediately rushed to ground floor of the house where the landlord’s Engineer son stays. The woman was shocked to find a tantrik hitting nails on the door and some weird material like a cloth idol, nails, hammer, lemons, knife, and puja (worship) material (specifically used for black magic or jadu-tona) lying inside the room. The panicky woman immediately started shouting loudly on seeing the spine-chilling material and the tantrik in action. Her shouts were heard by nearby residents who rushed to the spot and surrounded the house. The woman suspected black magic to drive them out as a dispute with landlord is going on.

The residents found the tantrik, accompanied by four other men and a woman, busy in practicing black magic rituals. On seeing the residents rushing toward them, the tantric and his accomplices tried to flee the spot. But residents succeeded in nabbing the tantrik, identified as Ganesh, resident of Durgavati Square, and one of his accomplices. Both were thrashed by residents black and blue and later handed over them to police. The tantrik told residents that the ‘puja’ was being performed for the landlord as he has no children and denied any black magic to force the tenants to vacate the house. However, the residents refused to believe the arguments put forth by the tantrik and informed police. Ganeshpeth police reached the spot and took the landlord and the tantrik to police station. The police pacified the residents and diffused a volatile situation. The residents have been appealed to maintain peace in the area.

The suspicion of black magic got more credence as Monday was “Amavasya Day” (Dark Moon Night), the perfect time for tantriks to practice black magic or jadu-tona as per the superstition.