Published On : Fri, Sep 19th, 2014

Nagpur Today Exclusive : Cops beat me, framed false case against me, clarifies Ajay Bagdi

Nagpur: A day after Ambazari Police arrested Ajay Bagdi alias Ajju Bagdi for allegedly thrashing a police constable on duty, followed by an action on his eatery which reportedly remained open till late night on Thursday, Bagdi appeared from the closet to share his side of story which otherwise put cops in a block.

Talking to Nagpur Today, Bagdi clarified that when he went to the police station to lodge a complaint against the erring cops, 5 cops which included 2 PSIs and 3 Constables pounced on him and beat him black and blue. The incident which occurred on September 18, 2014, when the beat patrol vehicle reached the Lake Side Grill, an eatery at Futala Lake, the cops allegedly raised objection for keeping the eatery opened till late night.

Bagdi revealed that after all the customers had left the eatery, while some staff members were having their food and some other staff were cleaning the hotel before closing the hotel. Since it was late, he was supervising the closing operations, when the cops suddenly arrived and started using very obscene abuses which included abuses on mother and sister and asking the staff, why they have kept the hotel open till now. According to Bagdi, the time was only 12:10 am. The staff in-turn replied to the cops that whatever, they want to ask, they should ask their owner Ajay Bagdi who is sitting in the hotel.

The cops, he alleged, came and threw everyone outside and forced the staff to close the hotel. Ajay Bagdi had called the emergency number 100 to report about the police misbehavior with him and his staff. Ajay Bagdi then claimed that he went to Ambazari Police Station to report the misbehavior of the cops who visited his business establishment.

The cops had allegedly asked him “How dare you lodge a complaint against the cops”. “You need to be punished for lodging a complaint against the cops.” They registered a false case against him and locked him up, Bagdi alleged. Ambazari police arrested Bagdi for his indecent behaviour in drunken state and also for attacking a police constable in the police station premises. Ajay Bagdi has sustained severe injuries, scratches and blunt-force trauma. The cops had allegedly tore his shirt and had misbehaved with him too.

Ajay Bagdi’s lawyer claimed that after he recovers, they are going to take up the matter with the higher-ups of police.