Bad roads expose real condition of Nagpur city

Nagpur The present condition of roads in the city raises serious questions over the intention of political leaders and administrative officers and their claims of making Nagpur a ‘Smart City’. The bad condition of roads in Nagpur have been a reason of inconvenience for residents since last few years. However, the recent rains turned the situation from bad to worse as potholes on roads are becoming very risky for human lives.

Many accidents were reported and a number of people were injured as big potholes appeared on the badly constructed roads after heavy rainfall in the city. When it’s not raining, the dust of these roads is causing severe problems to people. Ravi Nagar, Shankar Nagar, Ghat Road, Cotton Market, Nandanvan, Imamwada and other areas are the worst affected by bad condition of roads.

Presently the monsoon session of the State Assembly is going on in Nagpur. But despite this, the administration has failed to pay attention or repair roads in the city. The fact that top politicians of the ruling party in the State as well as the Centre are from Nagpur is making no difference in the condition of roads in the city.

Recently, a woman and a child lost their lives in Mumbai due to bad roads. The lives could have been saved had the condition of roads was good. But it seems that politicians have no value for human lives.

In Nagpur, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) showed no interest in repairing the roads before monsoon. Now the Corporation has a reason that roads cannot be repaired during monsoon. It is to be seen as how many lives are lost before the local administration wakes up to its duties.