Bacchu Kadu sentenced 1 yr imprisonment, fined Rs 600

Bacchu Kadu
Nagpur/Amravati: MLA Bacchu Kadu has been sentenced one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs 600 for assaulting a traffic police. Independent MLA from Achalpur in Amravati district Bacchu Kadu along with his supporters had beaten a traffic police Indrajeet Choudhary at Chandur Bazar and so he has been fined Rs 600 and has been sent to suffer imprisonment for a year.

Bacchu Kadu saw many private buses standing on road near Paratwada ST depot on the evening of 24 March 2017. He immediately questioned the traffic police Indrajeet Choudhary who was on duty regarding the action taken against the buses which had been flouting the rules. For this Kadu and his supporters were accused of hurling abuses at traffic police and allegedly beating him up. A criminal offence was registered against Bacchu Kadu and his supporters in Paratwada.

Making himself clear Bacchu Kadu rejected to have hurled abuses or beaten the traffic police. According to him, he had just questioned over maintaining of smooth traffic and the traffic police had given frivolous answers and after this only an argument took place. Since the traffic is not smooth many accidents had been taking place and so traffic police was questioned. But a false case was registered against him, he said.

After the court’s verdict came Bacchu Kadu said that not a single case is against him. He said he was proud that a case registered for questioning on behalf of people. He welcomed the verdict of the court.