Published On : Fri, May 13th, 2016

Babus with ‘face’ & ‘value’ may rule NMC’s upgraded PR Deptt


The “favourites” of the Ruling Party could find place in the vital department and the rest could be shown the door.

The “favourable” outcome of the “ambitious” move initiated by Mayor Pravin Datke and his Ruling Party at NMC to upgrade the Public Relations Department before the next year’s crucial elections would be known on May 20, 2016. A Rs 42-lakh tender has been floated and it will be ‘opened’ on that day. The tender will reveal who the “favourite” firm bags the contract. After the upgrade exercise or before, the “favourite” faces of the Ruling Party could be retained in the Public Relations Department and the rest could be sent back to their original departments.

According to sources and the strategy of the Ruling Party, “the men of matter” drawn from other departments such as Pradeep Khardenavis, Rajesh Wasnik, and Dilip Tadre could be retained. A ‘good job’ by Khardenavis and Wasnik in the Advertisement Distribution Department is making the odds in their favour. The newspapers that look after the “interests” of the duo get most of the NMC advertisements irrespective of NMC news is published or not. The Fire Brigade Department’s Tandre is supposed to be a good hand in drafting news reports and therefore would be retained in the upgraded PR Department. Apart from these three employees the rest are likely to be shown the door. In fact, Khardenavis and Wasnik should be sent to their original departments and a departmental enquiry be initiated against them for their “mess” in the name of advertisement distribution since the past years.
On the other hand, the postings in the Public Relations Department should have been done through permanent or contractual system in accordance with today’s needs and also to get rid of ‘scandalous affairs’ being run in the department. But, buckling under the pressure of Ruling Party the NMC Administration ‘smoked out’ Rs 42 lakh in the name of upgrade of the department.

Notably, the Regional Secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Manavadhikar Nigrani Samiti Lalsingh Thakur had shot a letter to Chief Minister and drawn his attention towards the affairs of NMC. Earlier, Thakur had shook up the NMC Administration but the ‘thick-skinned’ babus turned a blind eye towards the ‘goings-on’ forcing him to knock doors of the Chief Minister.

– By Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha( )