Published On : Tue, Apr 5th, 2016

Baahubali writer now scripting on TV show- Aryans vs Dravidians

aryan vs dravidians
K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of last year’s blockbuster Bahubali, is working on another historical drama. But this time around, it’s for a show on Star Plus.

Titled Aryans vs Dravidians, the story has the Indus Valley Civilisation era as its backdrop.

Unlike most television shows that are shot in a small set, this one will be filmed on a grand scale. Opulent sets, outdoor shoots… no expense is being spared for the mega saga.

SpotboyE has it that Vijayendra is charging Rs 3 lakh per episode for the show, which is expected to go on air by the end of this year.

The magnum opus is being produced by Srishti Arya, who has successful shows like Lipstick and Reporters to her credit.

Vijayendra, we hear, wants to get even the minutest of details right and is engrossed in hard-core research.