Published On : Mon, Aug 1st, 2016

Awareness of ‘Good Touch-Bad Touch’ created among tity tots and small kids

An initiative of all Round Tables and Circlers

Awareness of Good Touch Bad Touch NRT 258, 180, 83
: With ever so many cases of crime against tiny tots and infants coming to fore, it was imperative that the tiny tots and small kids are taught what is right and what is wrong, what should one do when some stranger calls you or touches you in an improper manner.

All the three Round Tables of Nagpur, NART180, NRT83 and NSRT 258 along with NLC50 today joined hands to organized a learning session for kids aged between 4-8 yrs on traffic rules and one of the most important topic but less discussed one in our society.

“Good Touch & Bad Touch”
The sessions held in two batches of 40 minutes each comprising of 40 kids per batch was conducted by a renowned speaker Vice Chairperson of NLC50 Farheen Rana and wife of Tabler Suhail Rana of NSRT 258.

In her sessions, Farheen explained the kids about the seen/unseen body parts. She taught them that the unseen body parts are those which are covered in their swimsuits and since they are covered nobody is allowed to see and touch them.

Awareness of Good Touch Bad Touch NRT 258, 180, 83
She further explained that hugs, kisses and pats are ‘good touch‘ and pinch, slap and touching covered body parts are ‘bad touch‘.

Similarly, she told the kids that only their parents are allowed to touch them and hug them, and they should never keep any secrets from their parents.

She stressed on the concept of Stranger is Danger and how they should say loudly “NO”

She explained the kids that they should allow nobody except their parents to kiss them, they should never take gifts from strangers, never eat anything offered by people they don’t know and never allow any unknown people to take their photos.

Awareness of Good Touch Bad Touch NRT 258, 180, 83
During her sessions she showed the kids various videos and photos to make them understand the topic of discussion. The kids enjoyed the sessions thoroughly.

The convenors for this event were: Circler Esha Agarwal (Chairperson NLC50), Circler Farheen Rana (Chairperson NLC50), Circler Disha Gopalani, Tabler Suhail Rana (NSRT258), Tabler Saurabh Singhania (NART180), Tabler Vikrant Thapar (NRT83), Tabler Nitin Gopalani (Chairman NSRT 258), Tabler Vineet Gupta (Secretary NSRT 258), Tabler Gautam Himmatramka (NSRT 258), Tabler Sanket Agrawal (NSRT 258), Tabler Saurabh Singhania (Treasurer NART180) and Tabler Vikrant Thapar (NRT 83).