Published On : Sat, Aug 1st, 2015

Auditions for Miss Maharashtra Queen begins with a bang

Eighty charming and beautiful gals register themselves for this beauty pageant

DSC_0103Nagpur: They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, unless one loves himself or herself and carries the right attitude, he or she may not survive in this cruel world. One should be able to encash on their positive traits, talents, capacities and looks.

DSC_0108With the onset of 21st Century the world, the way a woman is looked at changed from simply a beautiful woman to a “Women of Substance” or Beauty with Brains” in every profession. The image of woman has undergone a sea of change.

Nagpur Today and Dinesh Mishra jointly organized the Miss Maharashtra Queen beauty pageant. The auditions for the Miss Maharashtra Queen beauty pageant started with a big bang at a city hotel at around 12 noon.

The beautiful gals who had registered themselves for this Miss Maharashtra Queen beauty pageant started arriving by 12:00 noon on August 1, 2015. After a brief photo-session the girls were asked to sit in a line on both the sides.

DSC_0101The gals were accorded a warm welcome followed by Dinesh Mishra briefing the candidates about the rules and regulations of the contest. Based on the past experiences, he clarified that the entire event is being video graphed and if any candidate feels that she has done well and was still disqualified, she is free to approach the organizers and she can review her performance on the video and the sheets containing marks allotted by different judges. He also outlined the other rules which include the punctuality and to maintain discipline. Dinesh Mishra also said, the contestants can answer the questions asked by the judges in any of the three languages English, Hindi or Marathi. Dinesh Mishra clarified that while the parents were allowed for the auditions, they will not be allowed during the grooming sessions which shall take place for the next four days.

DSC_0116As the auditions started, the beautiful girls were directed to do a cat-walk and then after a brief introduction, answer the questions of the panel of judges.

The Judges were then introduced to the contestants. They include Fitness Expert Jia Nanda, Fashion Designer Praveen Melwani, Designer Shweta Malpani and Fashion stylist Nidhi Gandhi.

DSC_0106The first beautiful girl who started the audition was Mayuri and the auditions went on to the 75 odd girls. The contestants had come from Mumbai, Pune, Bhandara, Gondia, Amravati and many other places in Vidarbha besides Nagpur. The girls’ age ranged from 18 years old to 21 years old. While some had finished their graduation in Engineering, others were still pursuing their graduation in Engineering. There were students of Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Bio-tech) etc. Some of the contestants were also working. Most of the girls had the perfect hour-glass figure, others were slender and few of them were chubby a well. Most were attired in short skirt apparels, jeans, A-line skirts and other attractive dresses. The foot-wear ranged from stilettos to wedges and platforms and some even normal plain flat shoes.

Of the contestants one turned out to be a beautiful singer with a melodious voice who sang the hit number from Hindi Movie Ashiqui-2, “Sun Raha Hai Na Too….”, while another contestant who turned out to be a good dancer got to present a Hip-Hop number.

DSC_0105While some of the questions were really introspective, others invoked funny answers.

The question were– What other liquid beside water would you like to play in?, what is success, are boys better than girls in any way?, Would you like to be born as a girl again?, who is your favourite actor and why?, Would you like to marry Narendra Modi or Ranbir Kapoor?, what would you choose between a Dog, a cat and a mouse?, Given a chance, what question would you ask me?, what is being beautiful?, Given a magic lamp, what wish would you ask from the genie?, How important are beauty pageants to you?, What do women learn from men?, Are working women more responsible that house-wives?, What are those qualities that you think we’ll remember you with?, Do you enjoy super-hero stories and who among them?, tell us 5 best things about you?, Three places in Nagpur where you will take your out-of-town friends to?, what makes you uncomfortable?, What thing does a child best at first?, Do women need reservations?, three things you would not do?, where do you see yourself in three years?, If you get to spend Rs one lakh in a day?, what would you spend it on?, Define creativity?, Who according to you is the sexiest man in India and why?, If you could get any super-power?, what would it be?, What is important, Money or Knowledge?, How will you rate the following—Family, Country, Friends and Yourself?, Why have you chosen beauty pageant?, What is important Money or Fame?, What is beautiful for a baby?, What is a point where a girl becomes a woman?, Given a chance what would you chose— family or a career of model?, Do you think there needs some changes in girl-child education?…etc.