Published On : Fri, Feb 13th, 2015

Attempt to kill 49-year-old to seek revenge

Nagpur: To a large extent, the desire to seek revenge arises from a fundamental belief that people have been wronged.  It is in this idea of being wronged or being mistreated where there is a desire for some level of compensation or recompense where revenge arises. Revenge is mainly referred as “sweet” in story lines and some cases real life because it may have been a plan or goal they’ve been waiting for. However, some take the revenge to a very violent level.


In a similar incident, the owner of a bar was broken by the NIT Anti-Encroachment wing. The owner assumed that a particular person had complained against the bar which resulted in his bar being broken. He had carried his grudge for some time and when he saw the alleged complainant to NIT, he tried to ram his car into the victim’s car. When the other person fell down and tried to run away, he tried to kill him by running over the car. Finally he took out his bat and beat him black and blue.

According to police sources, the accused identified as Mahesh alias Pappu Fulchand Jaiswal aged 49 years and a resident of 34 Nishiganda Apartments, Swalambi Nagar owned a bar cum restaurant named Rifle Bar. This Rifle Bar was allegedly broken down by the Anti-Encroachment Wing of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT). The accused has somehow assumed that the victim identified as
1) Raje Pyarelal Jaiswal aged 49 years and a resident of Plot No 103, Bante layout, Near Narayan School is the person who must have complained to the NIT officials resulting in his bar being broken. The accused carried this grudge in his heart.

On February 12, 2015 at around 3 pm, when the accused noticed the victim’s Honda City car bearing RTO No MH-31/ CS 150 standing in front of St Xavier’s School Gate, he rammed his Mahindra Xylo MH-31/ EA-0567 from the left side of the road. The victim got down from the car and tried to run away. But the accused followed him in his vehicle in order to run-him over. However, when he saw that the victim cannot be run over the accused got down from his vehicle and took a baseball bat and beat the victim injuring him grievously. Another accused who was accompanying the accused 2) identified as Ashok Sampat Waghmare tried to hit the victim with a knife. However the victim succeeded in blocking the knife attack by holding the wrist of the accused.

After the attack, the victim was rushed to Wockhardt Hospital where he is undergoing treatment. On the basis of the complaint lodged by the victim, Police Sub-Inspector Patankar of MIDC Police Station registered a case under sections 307 and 34 of Indian Penal Code against the accused and are investigating further.