As NMC babus blink, Kanak ‘plays dirty game’

Kanak Resource Management

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Nagpur: It appears Nagpur Municipal Corporation has given the contract of garbage collection to Kanak Resources Management Limited (KRML) and has never bothered to see how it has been working. The sanitary workers working with Kanak have been continuously taking up the matter of the minimum wages with Kanak as well as the NMC but only the blame games goes on. On one hand the corporators have a problem regarding the cleanliness in wards while on other hand sanitary employees are fed up with the attitude of Kanak Management, as per the sources. According to the rule all the sanitary workers should get dearness allowance along with the Rs 4500 and since there are 1500 workers the amount would come to nearly Rs 67 lakhs. But NMC is not bothered and has left the entire the matter to Kanak though it is the duty of NMC to get the contract completed. The garbage collection company is making money at the cost of NMC. It has been just collecting the heavy garbage.

As per the State Government’s minimum Wage Act of 1948, Bonus Act of 1965 and contract Labour Act 1970 the workers should get Dearness Allowance, Diwali Bonus. But the revised Dearness allowance of 2018 has not been given to the workers which amounts to Rs 20 lakh. The workers have alleged that in the financial year 2016-2017 the workers were given very less bonus. The total amount of Diwali bonus comes to Rs 1.20 crores as per Rs 8000 each to 1500 workers. Besides this, about 800 workers had personally complained of not having facilities. At a least cognisance was taken in February 2018. But the things needed were distributed only to a few workers.

Many a times the workers working with Kanak Company have agitated in NMC. NMC authorities had even given assurance to workers that the Kanak management would be ordered to distributed the money as per the rule. It is said that NMC has been tell the company about the payment but Kanak has an answer to it that NMC has not given its pending amount. Thus giving this reason the workers are quietened. This is reason why NMC cannot take any action against the Kanak management.

It is also alleged that Kanak Resource Company is more interested in the collection of garbage from commercial establishments as it gets paid regularly.

It may be mentioned that Kanak has even threatened to expose NMC in court if the company does not the get the garbage collection contract next year.