Published On : Mon, Feb 17th, 2020

Artistic show — Eternal Bliss-Art Exhibition – in Mumbai from Feb 18th

Mumbai/Nagpur: The artistic show — Eternal Bliss-Art Exhibition – powered by ManCorp Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd, will be inauguarted at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery on Wednesday, February 19. The preview will be held from February 18 to 24. Prakash Jha, renowned Director, Actor, Writer, Producer and Philanthropist will open the Art Show at 6 pm. The Curator and Co-Curator of the event are Vikas Dogra and Sanghpal Chawhan.

This art show brings together the artists who have dealt with different mediums and various subject matters in their diverse portfolio of works. However they not only cherish the same passion but also realise the power that art has, to influence the minds and touch the lives of people.

The title ‘Eternal Bliss in itself, is a direct expression of an artist’s aesthetic mind and its manifestation in art. It portray’s beautiful journey of ‘Six Artists’ belonging to different cultures, visions and experiences with their own perceptions about art. All six artists have a potential in their vision with perfection in the form of Art. All the participants have been cited and referenced with numerous platforms and spaces.

As a part of the invitation, visitors will be given an opportunity to interview/interact with the following stakeholders:

Sanghpal Chawhan (Participating Artist), Pen On Paper, he has been pursuing his passion for art since early adolescence. Ever since he has been on a charismatic journey discovering and exploring the facts of his artistic inclination every passing day.

Brij Pal Anand (Participating Artist), Wood & Copper Sculptures, sublime forces of nature gravitate attention, the pristine blue sky, natural calamity, growth, and decay process of the natural world fascinates him.

Venu Madhav Vodnala (Participating Artist), Graphite Realism, all of his works have been chosen by virtue of either their beauty, intricacy, challenge, divinity, elegance or by their legendary aura.

Amil Singh Siathia (Participating Artist), Acrylic on Canvas, in the process of registering his inner swinging in his art practices, he lets his thoughts and concepts move aside to be more spontaneous and present in presence of time.

Neena Bidikar, Acrylic on Canvas, she presents her art in a combination of flowers and numerology.

Vikas Dogra, Mix Medium. Jammu’s Vikas Dogra is all set to exhibit his art collection in event. Artists transform our vision related to nature and its surroundings. And sculptors are creative visual artists who transform materials by giving them different shapes and meanings. The sculptors work with stone, wood, metal, ceramics etc. to bring to life visual arts that operates in all three dimensions.

Prakash Jha, needs no introduction in the context of a social cause such as extending a helping hand to talented thriving artists. His spectacular and inexhaustible contribution towards the Hindi Film Industry speaks perspicuously of social upliftment and empowerment of the society. For the last ten years Mr. Jha has been seriously involved with development initiatives in Bihar. He has been spearheading growth in infrastructure, health care and vocational training facilities in the state through the NGO Anubhooti.

Manthan Trivedi, Founder and CEO, ManCorp Innovation Labs. Pune/New Delhi. A Social Entrepreneur and a Data-Science driven strategist who passionately tracks trends and engineers breakthroughs. Dynamic and diverse Harvard dropout, set out on an eloquent journey of solving complex problems by merging technology with social cause, who came to India and founded ManCorp Innovation Labs with a vision to make a lasting and positive impact.

ManCorp Innovation Labs is a Deep-Tech company, operating out of Delhi and Pune, working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, specialised in applying the forefront of scientific and management principles for betterment of a system. Mancorp Innovation Labs is currently in the process of creating intelligent systems based on complex algorithms to tackle the myriad problems faced by the Indian Judiciary.