Published On : Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

Armyman nabs absconding husband of sister who ended her life after tortured for dowry

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Nagpur News

In a dramatic turn of events, a man nabbed and handed over his own brother-in-law (sister’s husband) to police after a prolonged pursuit. The sister of the man had committed suicide to escape horrible torture perpetrated by her husband for more and more money. Moreover, the woman was devastated after learning husband’s affairs with another girl. Since then, the husband was on the run and went absconding. The story unfolded in Pune but ended in Nagpur.

According to information, Sangeeta Thakur (27), sister of Gajendra Pratap Singh, serving in Army, had married to Dharmasingh a few years ago. But soon after marriage, Dharmasingh started tormenting Sangeeta, both mentally and physically, for bringing more and more money from her parents. Sangeeta had informed her parents and brother about the torture at the hands of Dharmasingh. Subsequently, every time after intervention by Gajendra Pratap Singh, life of Sangeeta appeared to be normal and happy. But the pause was temporary. Dharmasingh would come to his own terms and start abusing Sangeeta. The worst turn came when Sangeeta learnt about Dharmasingh’s affairs with another girl. Unable to tolerate the devastating happenings in her life, Sangeeta committed suicide on July 10 at her residence in Pune. As soon as Dharmasingh got a whiff of Sangeeta’s suicide, he went absconding. Pune police searched every possible place to trace Dharmasingh but failed. But Sangeet’s brother Gajendra Pratap Singh did not lose heart and launched a renewed hunt and nabbed Dharmasingh in Nagpur on Tuesday (August 5) but not before events of twists and turns.

Talking to Nagpur Today, Gajendra Singh said, “My sister committed suicide on July 10 to escape terrible torture at the hands of Dharmasingh. The devil had affairs with another girl long before marriage with my sister Sangeeta. I had given Dharmasingh Rs 5 lakh in cash, gold jewellery worth Rs 2.50 lakh, and a motorcycle during the marriage so that my sister could live happily. But soon after marriage, Sangeeta frequently phoned me informing ill-treatment at the hands of in-laws and Dharmasingh. She also told me about her husband’s affairs with another girl whose photo was available on Dharmasingh’s Facebook. After looking the picture of the girl, Sangeeta, who was already suffering a lot, was devastated and took the extreme step of ending her life,” said Gajendra with rage writ large on his face.

Gajendra further said, “I received the information about Sangeeta’s suicide through Army officials as at that time I was on duty at LoC. I immediately rushed to Pune and after gathering information about the events, embarked on ‘mission’ to catch the ‘killer’ Dharmasingh. When I got a tip-off that Dharmasingh was in Nagpur with the girl, I and four my friends immediately came to Nagpur. But the task was not so easy in a big city like Nagpur. Without resting for a moment, we scanned every corner of the city and finally tasted success on Tuesday (August 5). Dharmasingh was caught by us and handed over to police,” said Gajendra.

He however was critical of Khaparkheda police, who he said, were non-cooperative and also tried to shirk their responsibility when told about the likely whereabouts of Dharmasingh.

Nagpur Today also talked to Dharmasingh but he feigned innocence. His trembling words and guilty face told a different tale but the truth.
Anyway, Gajendra maintained the everlasting bond the brother-sister cherish just before Rakshabandhan festivity to be celebrated on August 10.