Published On : Thu, Jun 8th, 2023

Apathy kills ambition: MADC’s mismanagement leaves MIHAN-SEZ in shambles!!

Nagpur: MIHAN-SEZ, which was launched 20 years ago, was envisioned as a thriving hub for development and basic facilities. However, the current state of affairs at MIHAN-SEZ has been marred by neglect and apathy on the part of the Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC) officials. The ambitious project is becoming a ‘White Elephant.’

The mismanagement and lack of responsiveness by MADC Managing Director Deepak Kapoor have contributed to the deteriorating conditions. In response to these issues, there are ongoing efforts to transfer the responsibility to a local gazetted officer. This report highlights the problems faced by companies operating within MIHAN-SEZ and the urgent need for improvements.


Over the years, the facilities at MIHAN-SEZ have crumbled due to a lack of maintenance and attention. Basic amenities required for smooth operations have fallen into disrepair. The neglect of infrastructure has hindered the growth and expansion of businesses operating in the zone. Companies have been demanding the expansion of facilities, but the apathetic MADC officials have complicated matters rather than addressing the issues raised.

The companies functioning within MIHAN-SEZ have expressed their frustration with the authorities and their lack of responsiveness. The officials do not pay attention to the concerns raised by stakeholders, and important matters are left unaddressed. MADC officials seem disinterested and remote, with nobody even present in the Nagpur office, causing further delays and inefficiencies. Files sent to Mumbai for processing remain neglected, resulting in delays of up to two years. This has led to companies becoming disillusioned and relocating their operations elsewhere.

Entrepreneurs have faced significant challenges due to the prolonged process of land allotment. Despite waiting for two years, many businesses have not been allocated land, forcing them to seek alternative locations. This diversion of investment away from MIHAN-SEZ has been detrimental to its growth and economic potential. The bureaucratic hurdles and lack of proactivity from MADC officials have only worsened the situation.

The absence of an approach road has severely hampered the progress of various units within MIHAN-SEZ. Entrepreneurs reported delays of 5-7 months in commencing operations due to this critical infrastructure gap. MADC officials have consistently adopted an evasive attitude towards addressing such issues, further exacerbating the problems faced by businesses. The primary focus of the officials seems to be prolonging the processing of files, leading to increasing frustration and difficulties for stakeholders.

The sorry state of affairs at MIHAN-SEZ can be attributed to the apathetic attitude of MADC officials, particularly the Managing Director Deepak Kapoor. Years of neglect, lack of responsiveness, and bureaucratic hurdles have resulted in crumbling facilities, delayed land allotment, and infrastructure bottlenecks.

Companies operating within MIHAN-SEZ have expressed their dissatisfaction with the authorities, and many have chosen to relocate due to the difficulties faced. Urgent action is required to address these issues, improve facilities, and restore the faith of stakeholders in the development of MIHAN-SEZ as a thriving economic zone. The ongoing efforts to hand over responsibilities to a local gazetted officer should be closely monitored to ensure a positive change in the management of MIHAN-SEZ.