Published On : Tue, Mar 21st, 2017

Anushka ‘haunts’ SRK in his house Mannat!!!

Shah Rukh Khan
The impossible has happened. When most ordinary mortals cannot get into superstar Shahrukh Khan’s famous Bandra house ‘Mannat’ a female ghost gained entry straight into his study just as he was making a video convincing people that ghosts don’t exist.

The ghost, who is speaking in very dulcet, seductive voice first terrifies SRK but soon re assures him that she is a “friendly ghost who has been his fan all her life”. When he pleads with her to show herself to him, she says he must wait for the film ‘Phillauri’ to get released and then she can see him in a theatre!

This is the novel way Anushka Sharma has thought of to promote her film ‘Phillauri’ which she has co produced with her brother Karnesh Sharma through their company ‘Clean slate productions’.

Anushka herself plays a friendly ghost in the movie who is trapped in a tree. A Manglik called Suraj gets married to the tree – as is the custom still advised by Astrologers as a way out for mangliks to get married to humans and save them the ‘curse’ of early death.

In this case though, the marriage liberates the ghost from the tree and begins following Suraj, and his new wife, everywhere…

The film is directed by Aanshai Lal and also stars Diljit Dosanjh.

It is releasing on 24th March.