Published On : Fri, May 29th, 2015

Angry relatives blame Police and Hospital – seventeen year old minor beaten to death at Mumbai Juvenile home


More than 200 relatives and friends of the 17 year old boy have gathered outside Mumbai Shivaji Park Police station as news of the juvenile boy’s death spread as wild fire.

This boy was incarcerated in a Juvenile home where he was allegedly beaten up by other inmates for ‘not supplying them with drugs’. He was asked to tell his father to get the drugs when he came to visit. When he failed to do this, they beat him up ruthlessly the whole night.

There is another report that says he tried to escape from the Home and this enraged other inmates further.

He was handed over to the police who kept him locked up, after administering some elementary first aid. He was then released to his family.

The terror struck boy did not say anything in the beginning.  After 2 days he complained of pain when his family discovered the horrifying marks of injury on his back and arms. They took him to the hospital where again he was given only first aid and sent home.

When the pain did not go away, they admitted him to another hospital where his condition was declared as critical. In this condition, the boy gave a ‘dying declaration’ saying he had been tortured at the Home and also by Police. He died soon after.

His relatives are now refusing to take his body away for last rites. They are very angry and demanding justice.