Published On : Wed, Nov 18th, 2015

Android Wear users report snags after v1.4 companion app update

Android Wear
For some odd reason Android Wear even a year after launch seems more like beta software. And the usual bugs aside, there’s a new one and it comes directly from Google.

Google’s very own Android Wear companion app is responsible for the mess, as one can clearly see when you check the reviews section for the app on the Play Store. The new version 1.4 update that was launched a little more than a week ago, seems to have created havoc in the Android Wear community due to connectivity issues.

While most users are complaining about connectivity issues, there are others that report stability problems, and some who seemed to have lost their watch faces and apps on their smartwatch.

The connectivity problems are to do with both connecting and disconnecting Android Wear-powered smartwatches. But the problems then slide over to the smartphones, where users report that the companion app constantly tries to connect to the smartwatch even after disconnecting it, reducing battery life drastically.

The new version 1.4 update was supposed to bring in some new features such as flicking your wrist to see your card, audio feedback and cellular data support for some. While Google did successfully pull it off, the new update seems to be bringing up more bugs that are almost killing the Android Wear experience for some.