Published On : Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

An accident waiting to happen in Nagpur, Is Administration sleeping ?

RBI SquareNagpur: A good gesture by some good Samaritan in tying big green coloured mesh over the point where road users had to wait till the signal turns green on Reserve Bank of India Square had on April 27, 2016 become fatal with one end of the net falling down due to heavy winds.

The good gesture made by some Good Samaritan turns out to be an act without forethought of possible ill-effects turns out to be fatal since one end of the mesh fell down and as a result a motorcyclist got entrapped in the mesh fell down. However, the motorcyclist escaped with minor bruises. The accident could have been fatal.

On discreet enquiries, it was revealed that the Good Samaritan is none other than Nagpur Municipal Corporation authorities.

However, the authorities failed to envisage the strong winds. The pole on which the cloth mesh was tied is also very weak and had very strong winds blown, the cloth or nylon mesh would have brought the pole down.

Nagpur messEven if the Good Samaritan is not the Nagpur Municipal Corporation, the authorities and the Municipal Commissioner should have either removed it or ensured that this kind of fatal experiments are not attempted where the masses are involved.

Though the nylon mesh was installed with all good intensions, they should have taken prior permissions from many related departments and advices from experienced engineers and people who would have definitely prevented such an experiment.

Who would be responsible had some major mishap occurred and lives lost due to some weird experiment?