Published On : Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

“ST employees not listening to even CM,” Raote tells a passenger

Nagpur: A wordy duel on phone between a passenger and Transport Minister Diwakar Raote over the ongoing strike by ST employees left the listeners amusing and red-faced as well.

The wordy duel was reported by Marathi news channel ‘Som.’

Passenger: “Solution to the strike should be found. We are coming to you to submit a memorandum.”

Raote: “What memorandum you are submitting? The Chief Minister himself mediated to end the strike. But they (employees) are not listening to him as well. The employees have decided to continue strike. They have decided not to listen. They can’t get what they want. The CM has told them.”

Passenger: “As Transport Minister, it is your responsibility to find solution to the strike.”

Raote: “What responsibility you are talking. The employees are not listening to even Chief Minister. What should I do, now?”

Passenger: “Sir, you can hammer out a solution to the strike. We have elected you. You are our Minister”

Raote: “Don’t talk about election. Are you talking to me on this? If you don’t understand, then don’t talk to me.”

Passenger: “Commuters are travelling in private buses. What is a passenger dies in accident?”

Raote: “Accidents take place in ST also. What we do when accidents happen in ST? Don’t lecture me. We are here to end strike and not continue. Talk to the strikers.”

Passenger: “The striking employees are not from outside. They are from Maharashtra. You should meet their demands.”

Raote: “From where we should bring money? Chief Minister can’t give money. Then from where should we bring money?”

Passenger: “We have elected you for planning and arranging for money.”

Raote: “Ok. You have elected me. Next time defeat me.”